1997 Ralph Fowler Shiraz

- 750 ml
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Sokolin 1997 Ralph Fowler Shiraz Tasting Notes:

Who doesn't love a glass of top-notch champagne? The 2005 Dom Perignon has certainly earned its spot among classics. This rose had difficult footprints to follow in, but it did live up to the reputation of this well-regarded name in the wine world.

Pinot noir has a special character which this vintage represents in the most fantastic way. It offers some exciting, exotic aromas that are flawlessly combined with the tranquility brought by strawberries and peaches. If you take your time to savor this gorgeous bouquet in peace, you'll also notice some cocoa and rose petals. The mellow liquid melts as soon as it enters your mouth, expands all over your palate and creates an ephemeral moment of bliss that you'll appreciate while you live. Not every wine is capable of producing such a feeling, and the good news is you'll be able to get back to it again and again for a long time, since this rose's longevity is impressive.
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Vintage 1997
Format 750 ml
Color Red
Country Australia: Australia (especially its Southern region) is one of the most influential and developed New World wine regions. Its unique set of terroir profiles lets Australian winemakers create innovative, expressive wines using many classic varietals. All the French essentials are seen here, along with Riesling. The diversity and variety among Australia's most excellent wines make the region incredibly exciting to explore, especially if you're in the mood for a pleasant surprise or two. Let the land speak to you from within the bottle and find your horizons broadened, and your perspective changed forever as you fall in love with wine all over again.
Producer R.Fowler
Rating Pending
Region South Australia: The South Australian landscape is almost surreal in its beauty. It's a seemingly endless expanse of fields stretching out into the horizon, and it's easy to appreciate what a mixture of soils like this contributes to mouth-watering, delicious wines. With a variety of grapes ranging from Syrah (or as it's known in Australia, Shiraz), Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon to Riesling, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, it's no surprise that South Australia is easily considered one of the biggest powerhouses in the wine world. Given the sheer number of represented varietals, it's hard to pinpoint a signature taste, but that just means you get to enjoy exploring this region to your heart's content, always discovering new pleasures as you go. The quality is consistently high, and every wine offers something unique and different, making them a joy to collect. Whether you prefer reds or whites, Australian winemakers should at least be near the top of your priority list, as their wines are inspirational, compelling and powerful. We've prepared a selection of fine wines from every important sub-region of South Australia. There's something in here for everyone, and you can be sure that your guests will suddenly become very inquisitive about where you obtained the bottles you decide to uncork in front of them.
Type of Wine Australia Red: Australia is one of the New World's most innovative and reputable regions, and a sip or two of their glorious red wines can quickly explain why. Infused with the essence of noble grapes such as Shiraz, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, these reds will take your senses on a thrill ride.
Varietal Shiraz/Syrah: Syrah, or also commonly known as Shiraz is one of the darkest thick and full-bodied wine filled with aromatic hints of blueberry, blackberry, and some spicy peppery notes. Primarily grown in France, you can easily find a bottle throughout Australia, Spain, Italy, Chile, and Argentina.
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  1. Delicious Shiraz
    Product Rating
    A straightforward but delicious Shiraz that you can’t go wrong with. Some people take this to mean that the wine is simply “one of many,” but let me assure you – the level of quality is not something you run into every day or even every year. It’s one of the closest wines I’ve tried this year to the magnificent 100-point score everyone likes to see.

    The red fruit is ripe beyond belief; my compliments go to the talent that picked the grapes. The texture creates a wonderful feeling on the palate, something akin to a gentle massage. Couple that with the intensity of flavors, and you’ve got the perfect package for a great party. Those parties are exactly why I intend to get more of this wine; my friends listened to me drone on and on about how compelling it is, so it’s only fair that I let them taste it for themselves!


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