2014 Aldo Conterno Barolo Bussia

- 750 ml
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Cherry and plum fruit highlight this rich red, with supporting notes of vanilla, toast, blueberry, iron and tobacco. Brooding tannins mark the finish, yet this has all the elements. Best from 2024 through 2042. 1,000 cases made, 200 cases imported.

Wine Spectator | 94 WS
On the nose this may not be a dramatic wine, but it's fresh and floral. It has a quiet confidence that is missing in many of the 2014 Barolos. On the palate, the turbocharger kicks in. The wine's impressive tannic power leaves most of the competition behind it, but there's real finesse at the long finish. Drink after 2020.

James Suckling | 93 JS
Poderi Aldo Conterno's 2014 Barolo Bussia is a transparent wine, and I don't mean to use that word to describe the wine's appearance or its light color saturation. This Barolo is transparent in terms of its elegance and fragility. The wine offers a silky, fine texture that acts as a springboard to aromas of dried blueberry, cassis, menthol, herb and dried ginger. These aromas are ethereal and fleeting. This Barolo sees 26 months in oak and completes its final stage of integration in stainless steel before bottling. This vintage saw longer maceration times, up to six weeks in the case of this Barolo. That extended time on the skins is meant to protect the wine against the fragile nature of the vintage. A fresh and fruit-filled mouthfeel makes for an open and immediate wine.

Robert Parker Wine Advocate | 92 RP
This is the most 'basic' bottling of Aldo Conterno's four Barolos. The nose is fragrant and elegant, with cherry and raspberry aromas. The attack is delicate, and although not super-concentrated, it shows intensity and spice. It's relatively forward, with appealing acidity and a touch of mint on the long finish. Aged in barrels of various sizes. Drinking Window 2019 - 2032

Decanter | 91 DEC

Sokolin 2014 Aldo Conterno Barolo Bussia Tasting Notes:

What an elegant wine! It’s almost fragile in its structure, and perhaps a little bit shy, but it won’t take long before you’re shown a wonderful and compelling aromatic package. It’s almost too easy to get lost amidst lovely notes of vanilla, tobacco, blueberry, and iron, as each aroma and flavor adds a splash of paint to a magnificent, very deliberate painting. On the nose, the wine is fresh and vibrant, like a gust of wind during spring. The mouthfeel is spectacular, too, adding yet another dimension to the drinking experience.

A Barolo like this is a guaranteed ticket into the heart of any guest and performs exceptionally well at most events. It also makes a perfect gift for that special someone in your life or a family member. It’s got enough longevity to spend a couple of decades in the cellar, but it drinks very well already. Immerse yourself, and enjoy.
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Vintage 2014
Format 750 ml
Color Red
Country Italy: What are the first things that come to mind when thinking about Italy and Italian culture? There's one thing that nearly everyone tends to mention, it's the food - and where there's fine food, there is almost always fine wine. Italy is the most prolific wine region in the world, outclassing even France in terms of production quantity. Even if you're a complete wine novice, you have almost certainly heard of names such as Barolo and Barbaresco, Italy's most famous wine styles. When it comes to soil composition and other geographical characteristics, Italy offers a lot of diversity, and this never fails to show in the wines themselves.
Producer A.Conterno: As one of the most reputable wineries in Piedmont, Italy, Poderi Aldo Conterno continues to amaze the world with outstanding Barolo wines. Barolo is possibly the finest expression of what a grape varietal like Nebbiolo is capable of, and every bottle can be a story in itself The Langhe is a picturesque hillside paradise, and its noble soil never fails to enrich every sip. Conterno wines fall in a more modern Barolo category, with a commanding structure, a thunderous impact and a depth of flavor unmatched by any of their potential rivals. The primary flavors are all fruity, creating a refreshing, colorful aromatic perfume that lingers in your mouth, and your mind, for quite a while after imbibing. The liquid almost has a mind of its own, dancing in your glass to a tune composed by your imagination.
Rating 94 WS
Region Piedmont: Italian culture values the unbreakable bond we share with family and very few things showcase that connection quite like a shared meal. Therefore, it's only natural that wine would also take its place as an important cultural aspect. Fine Italian produce always goes well with a variety of dishes, and that makes these wines an incredibly popular choice among wine enthusiasts who appreciate a good get-together. The foothills of the Alps help define this region's significantly colder, continental winter climate, but during the summer, the conditions are similar to the region of Burgundy. Flavor-wise, this region has a mind-boggling variety to offer. Not only is there a healthy selection of approved grapes to work with, but the soil often varies from estate to estate, letting every wine stand out. Expect to encounter powerful notes of rose petal flavor, spices, cherries, dried herbs, anise, and many more. Every bottle has a story to tell. Those of you with a tendency to hoard and collect fine wines will be especially intrigued, as Piedmont wines tend to mature extremely well, developing nuance and becoming more and more delicious as time goes on.
Type of Wine Barolo: Barolo have cemented their spot as one of Italy's most famous and desirable achievements, decorating the cellars of every serious wine collector. While the grape they're made from is rather dark and dusty-looking, the elixir that comes from this varietal is an almost crystal clear, light red, like a pair of seductive lips glistening in the candlelight.
Varietal Nebbiolo
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