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Alborino Wines

Galicia is a gorgeous Spanish region characterized by formidable hills, lying dormant under a soft, grassy cover. It simply radiates raw life force, and this manifests in one of the region’s most influential grapes – Albariño. Outside of Spain, you will primarily see this grape in Portugal. Albariño white wines are a core part of the identity their home countries hold in the winemaking world, as their quality easily matches that of the best whites on the planet.

A glass of Albariño is one of the lightest drinks you will run into, no matter where you are. It goes down incredibly easily and is so refreshing, you feel a decade younger after only a sip or two. The sensuous, sweet peach and apricot caress your tastebuds while the grassy, earthy undertones make you feel like you’re lost in the Galician hills themselves. It’s an essential part of any family meal during the warm seasons, as it also pairs well with a variety of popular dishes. Nothing showcases the beautiful, lush nature of the Galician wilderness better than a crisp glass of this soft, golden nectar, outside of going there physically, which we highly recommend to every single wine connoisseur that has yet to taste quality Albariño.

In terms of vintage choices, you cannot go wrong with a bottle or two from 2015. The conditions were magical during that year, allowing for the creation of breath-taking wines. Some of these are made to be drunk while they’re young, while others have the capacity to age for at least a decade. Other good vintages include 2011 and 2014 if you’re looking to spice things up.

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