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Chenin Blanc Wines

Chenin Blanc is a grape varietal originating from the Loire Valley in France, where it first came to prominence as an excellent white wine centerpiece. Since its appearance, it has become a staple white wine varietal in many New World regions, especially South Africa and Australia. Similarities can be drawn between this magnificent grape and Tempranillo in terms of how they enhance the natural flavor of the terroir and draw a lot of identity from the region that produced them. However, poorly nurtured and neglected Chenin Blanc can end up feeling very bland and lifeless, and these wines end up functioning as landmines on your proverbial path towards discovering great whites.

If the soil contains a lot of clay, and the conditions are good, the resulting wine is beautifully enriched by noble rot and perfect for desserts, once it has enough time to mature and evolve. Meanwhile, more sandy soil compositions create a lighter sort of wine, one that lends itself to faster drinking as it needs less time to properly mature. Flavor-wise, you can expect to detect notes of honey, various aromatic flowers, peaches, and a very unique, minerally baseline that grounds the whole composition and gives it structure.

If you’re looking to explore some beautiful Chenin Blanc wines, we recommend starting with the Loire Valley. If you prefer something sweeter, look for New World blends like the Alheit Magnetic North Chenin Blanc. Whichever one you choose, you will have a cultural experience like no other, as the grape introduces you to subtleties and nuances of its region — a must-have for white wine aficionados.

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