En Primeur Wines

Buying en primeur can be a strange, even scary prospect for an aspiring wine collector. The phrase refers to the practice of purchasing wine while it’s still in the barrel, in order to get a better price, secure an investment, or simply support a trusted producer. However, it can be hard to part with your money a full year or more before your precious wine is delivered. One of the main benefits of buying en primeur is the sweet anticipation of the glorious wine you’ll one day drink. En Primeur is also referred to as Bordeaux Futures.

Imagine the following scenario: a wine producer you adore announces their new vintage. You have at least one bottle from them already in your collection, but you’re thirsty for something more. Something new, maybe even mysterious. You purchase en primeur, and then the wait begins. Every time you enjoy a glass of wine, your thoughts linger on this investment. You are certain that the wine will be delicious, but the subtleties are entirely up to your imagination for now. Will it be more acidic than what you’re used to? Will it be sweeter? Will you enjoy it even more than you enjoy the vintage you’ve already tried? The journey can be just as pleasurable as the destination, and the day that wine arrives can bring a tear to your eye.

Buying en primeur is one of the best ways to ensure that you will be able to indulge in the latest harvest. There is a lot of comfort to be found in the knowledge that a potentially life-changing wine will inevitably grace your lips, and widen your perspective through a swirling wave of emotions, textures, and flavors. If you can get enough wine this way, it can also be a solid investment thanks to its reduced asking price, although you have to develop an eye for what’s likely to pay off. As a result, even those with less sentimental motivations can find reasons to purchase en primeur.

Some of the best en primeur purchasing options are wines that would otherwise be nearly impossible to get. Examples include Chateau Lafleur, La Violette or L’Enclos Tourmaline, produced in Pomerol.
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