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Grenache Wines

Spain is one of the most notable wine-producing countries in the world, and Grenache bottles serve as a good indicator as to why this is the case. The varietal requires dry and hot climate conditions since it ripens later than most, and it handles drought and wind with ease; as a result, it can be found mainly in southern France, Spain, Sardinia, Australia, and San Joaquin Valley. Grenache can be found in many wine blends because the grape adds a lot of body and a rich, fruitful taste that can be spotted easily. Imagine a thick, decadent syrup, with strong strawberry and raspberry notes and a backdrop of playful cinnamon, with some white pepper adding intrigue to the mix.

One of the most notable characteristics of Grenache wines is the high alcohol content, soaring as high as 15% - enough to lift you from reality, if for but a brief moment or two. While most Grenache wines aren’t made to spend a decade in your cellar, some estates create some excellent low-yield wines that develop nuance and character over time, making them a great addition to your collection – especially if you like a grounding, leathery baseline in your favorite wines. The layers of structure and flavor inspire as much thought as it took to develop the wine itself, and you can enjoy it for years to come.

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