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Italian Collector Wines

Aside from France, Italy is considered by many to be Europe’s finest country when it comes to winemaking culture. In the past, really amazing vintages weren’t very common, with years like 1964, 1971 and 1978 helping put Piedmont on the map, and vintages like 1955 and 1975 resonating outwards from Tuscany. However, Italy has been getting more and more consistent since about 1990, thanks to considerable advancements in how they treat their grapes and subtle climate changes. Today, Italy is a veritable viticultural titan, and their wines regularly take top spots in various tastings. Naturally, this means collectors are constantly paying attention nowadays, making certain blends tough to obtain.

You have many options to choose from if you wish to snag a handful of bottles for your collection. For example, a bottle of 1999 Barolo is fit for consumption, as it’s (arguably) only now reaching its peak. If you wish to sit on it, this wine has enough longevity to develop and bloom during the next 7-10 years. The intense aroma can steal your heart in a moment’s notice, and one sip is enough to inspire untold romantic poetry. Alternatively, you may opt for a 2004 Bolgheri, which is as close as you can get to an objectively perfect wine – complex, ripe, satisfying, it grips you by the tongue and refuses to let go. Not a vintage to miss out on, and its sheer aging potential makes it a viable drink until late 2024.

We want to make it easier for you to wrap your lips around delicious, compelling wines such as these. Italy is versatile enough to provide several options no matter what your preference may be, and you can easily become the life of the party just by busting out one of these groundbreaking works of art at a social event, especially big celebrations. Leave no one unsatisfied with Italy’s finest collectibles.

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