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Malbec Wines

Malbec is something of an oddity among red wine grape varietals. It has traditionally been considered difficult to grow and implement in France, a challenging choice that often doesn’t pay off. However, once it was brought over to Argentina, the world began to realize how mind-shatteringly appealing it can be. Nowadays, Malbec wines stand toe to toe with the greatest wines of the planet as Argentina’s most accomplished red wine varietal. The Nicolás Catena Zapata wine, for example, competed in various blind tastings against some of the best French wines ever made, and consistently placed high, usually either first or second.

Tasting a quality Malbec blend tells you everything you need to know. From the sensuous, rich plum, the balanced tannin representation, the smooth velvety texture that gently massages your tongue as you swirl it around – it’s a complete package. This deep, rich wine is a must-have for every true red wine aficionado, preferably in as many different incarnations as possible. Even when Malbec appears in smaller amounts in a given wine blend, its signature can be felt in each sip, each tuft of aroma rising from the glass.

It may not always be easy to secure a great vintage of Malbec. We recommend seeking out Argentinian bottles to discover the truest, purest essence of opulent Malbec. Store them in your cellar and save them for special occasions, where your friends, colleagues, and loved ones can relish the moment with you. Malbec is not a varietal to miss out on even if you only dabble in fine wines sparingly.

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