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Merlot Wines

Merlot is the only grape varietal in Bordeaux that can compete with Cabernet Sauvignon when it comes to influence and the amount planted each year. Taking its name from the French word for a blackbird, Merlot is a versatile wine when it comes to social scenarios and food pairings. This versatility also earns it a spot in various blended wines, further solidifying Merlot as a staple in French winemaking.

Merlot wines offer a massive collage of flavors to indulge in, depending on which bottle you end up purchasing. From the sensual plums and blackberries to the earthy graphite and cedar undertones, all the way to the inclusion of cocoa in some blends, Merlot wines always have an ace up their sleeve that will surprise you and urge you to experiment even further. As Robert Parker declares in his book, “great wines have the ability to both satisfy the senses and challenge the intellect.” You can drink from the same bottle multiple times and discover something new each time, leaving you to think about what kind of masterful technique made such an achievement possible.

The relatively high alcohol content (hovering between 13% and 14.5%, depending on region) and incredible flavor cement this wine as a staple alongside many different dishes, and enable its presence at almost any kind of social event. Even if you don’t plan on storing it for a longer period, Merlot wine is a great option if you just want a satisfying drink.

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