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Nebbiolo Wines

Nebbiolo is a grape varietal that is almost completely unique to the Piedmont region of Italy. Very few vineyards outside of this region feature a significant level of Nebbiolo representation. Almost every wine that comes from the hills and valleys of Langhe offers a delicious sample of the signature Nebbiolo flavor. Because of the almost exclusive regional representation of this particular grape varietal, Nebbiolo wines are a collector’s dream and an important Italian cultural footprint in the world of expert winemaking.

One of the most prevailing theories claims that the name “Nebbiolo” comes from the Italian word for fog – nebbia. This grape varietal is harvested in October, which is an especially misty month for the quaint, hilly Piedmont region. The wines made from this grape contribute to this sentiment by producing a tempting, thick scent that rises from the glass even in the cold. Drinking a Nebbiolo wine surrounds you in a mist of emotion, stirring you from the stale sameness of daily life as your worries slip away like rabbits in a field of tall grass. In terms of quality, Nebbiolo wines compete with some of the finest Pinot Noir blends in modern times, making them a fan-favorite amongst enthusiasts in the know.

A single tasting is enough to decode what makes Nebbiolo so special. Once your tongue touches this glorious nectar, you will feel distinct notes of woodsmoke, tobacco, violets, and tar, a robust and impactful flavor to create the biggest emotional impact. Of course, different blends play with the formula in their own unique ways, carving their identity into the Piedmont hills themselves through a delicate balance of flavor and texture.

One of the most memorable and tempting Nebbiolo wines is Barolo, and it offers numerous vintages to choose from. If you’re looking to the past, try finding bottles from 1974, 1971, 1967, 1964, 1961 or 1958, to get a taste of how Barolo made its name as one of the region’s finest wines. If you’re on the market for something more recent, a bottle from 2007, 2010, 2013, 2015 or anywhere in between is an excellent introduction to the brand.

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