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Pinot Grigio Wines

Pinot Grigio, also known as Pinot Gris, is a popular and impactful white wine grape varietal grown primarily in Italy and France. The French blends tend to be spicier, full-bodied and bold, whereas Italy prefers their Pinot Grigio lighter and more acidic. Oddly enough, the French style is enjoyed and replicated in various New World regions, especially Washington, South Australia, and Oregon. These New World estates play around with the original formula to create wines with slightly lower acidity, a more oily texture, and typically higher alcohol levels.

Sampling a Pinot Grigio is like striking a gallop through an open field, while the spring wind carries the scent of fresh, ripe fruit, almost oozing with lush, visceral juices. You stop at a countryside marketplace and are lured in by the scent of mango and subtle, earthy spice combinations. Finishing the glass is like waking up from a beautiful dream in that you’re left wishing that the magic would go on for but a minute longer – a good reason to pour another! The color of the grapes varies from region to region, and goes from an earthy purple to a luscious red, to a luxurious golden yellow, adding some visual flair.

A good wine, much like a picture, says more than a thousand words.

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