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Sampling a very rare wine offers a whole new dimension of satisfaction. As you imbibe the rich, opulent mixture, a realization dawns on you – very few people in the world have this privilege. What you’re tasting now has graced the lips of only a select few elite wine connoisseurs, enthusiasts that are willing to go to extreme financial lengths to acquire only the most inaccessible blends. It feels like indulging in forbidden wine, and that makes the wine that much sweeter.

Of course, most of these exceedingly rare blends are also earth-shatteringly satisfying to drink. The flavors are mixed in a way that can make a man religious, as though Dionysus himself participated in the winemaking process. The textures are complex and stimulating, as the wine unfolds in your glass and your mouth, constantly introducing new sensations. No one can drink one of these wines and leave unsatisfied, making them an instant hit at important events – assuming, of course, that you’re even willing to open a bottle this rare.

As one of the world’s finest wine retailers, we have made it our mission to give you access to wines that only the most elite enthusiasts partake in. If you’ve got the budget to afford them, they’re an instant buy for diehard collectors, a treasure to pass onto your descendants and cherish for as long as possible. Let us open a window into the sultry, rich world of these almost forbidden fine wines.

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