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Rhone Collector Wines

The Rhône valley is one of France’s finest winemaking regions, and nowhere is this better demonstrated than in how many collectible blends they regularly create. It’s separated into the Northern Rhône and Southern Rhône subregions, and each is characterized by the grape varietals they favor. For example, red wines from the Northern Rhône are typically made from Syrah grapes, whereas Southern Rhône prefers to blend together several different grapes for their illustrious reds. Taking a trip to the Rhône valley is a cultural experience like no other for an aspiring wine enthusiast. The feeling of raw wilderness flows through the air itself here, and this is reflected in the powerful flavors of Rhône’s finest blends.

A bottle of Chateau Beaucastel’s finest from 2000 is one of the best wines to ever come out of this region, and that’s saying a lot. The texture alone is enough to puzzle even scholars, as they struggle to decipher how it all came together. Alternatively, a 2003 Pegau can cause an emotional surge that normally requires a person to fall in love, and is ideal for lighting that initial spark between potential partners. The flavor is so pure, thick, and sensuous, and the wine creates an aroma that inspires intimacy and infatuation.

If you’re unable to travel to the Rhône valley directly, the next best thing is sampling and collecting some of their finest products. That’s where we come in – your wine enthusiasm fuels ours, and we want nothing more than to bring you closer to amazing, culturally significant wines, so that your collection may outshine all of your friends and rivals. These wines are almost too good to drink, but we’re sure you can bring yourself to indulge now and then. Enjoy.

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