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Riesling Wines

Riesling is a German grape varietal used to produce some of the most heavenly white wine that has ever existed. Riesling wines also come from Alsace, US, Australia, Italy and Austria as well as South Africa and New Zealand. This has to be tasted to be believed, trust us. If you enjoy your white wine on the sweeter side (as many people do), Riesling wines are an essential addition to your wine cellar. Even if you normally prefer dry, non-sweet wines, you might just get converted by this piece of work. The number of flavors and aromas present in just one glass of this godly nectar can make your mouth water – we’ve got a sweet, supple peach in the mixture, some pineapple and lime to add a bit of acidic sharpness, apples and pears for that homey countryside feel, and several other flavors. If your nose is sharp, you will also pick up on some honey, ginger or citrus blossom, all of which contribute to this amazing fruit salad experience. The tempting smell will slowly rise from the glass, even if the drink itself is incredibly cold, so this wine can make a statement even to others around you.

The acidity feels somewhat reminiscent of lemonade, where each sip sends a shivering chill down your spine as you’re almost shocked into a state of excitement and vigor. Riesling has enough longevity to be passed down to your grandkids, and it serves as an excellent entry point for white wines, should your descendants develop an interest in fine wine. The grape changes depending on where it’s grown, so no two regions will ever taste the same. This allows for creative expression and experimentation, helping to keep the spirit of competition going between producers. If you’re interested in an unpredictable, refreshing and jaw-dropping behemoth of a white wine.

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