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Sangiovese Wines

Very few wines are as purely Italian as Sangiovese. This grape varietal is extremely uncommon outside of Italy, thriving only in specific locations in Argentina, Corsica, and the United States. The Italians are aware of this inherent advantage, and so this grape is among the highest planted varietals in the country.

Part of what makes Sangiovese so special is that the wine will differ in flavor based on where it was produced. In a way, sampling this wine is sampling a country, along with all its culture and traditions. Every winemaker worth their salt works to preserve the old ways, without excessive bottling manipulation and similar negative practices. The taste that is preserved through the old-fashioned method is simply divine. It’s hard to put into words how it feels to try a good-vintage Sangiovese (try 2004 if you’re impatient to taste this glorious drink, and 2010 if you’re willing to let it mature and build character). Everything comes together perfectly, in a way that might surprise some inexperienced wine enthusiasts. The flavors include lush and succulent strawberries and cherries, spicy oregano, and a sensual helping of dried rose. Depending on where it was made, you can encounter a whole host of other flavors, making it something of an adventure whenever you open a new bottle.

Some of the most notable brands associated with the Sangiovese grape varietal include Pertimalli, San Filippo, Casanova di Neri and Siro Pacenti and many more. All of them are worth trying at least once, and your collection will look stronger than ever once you own some of them.

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