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Sauvignon Blanc Wines

This green-skinned wonder-varietal is one of the most represented white wine grapes in Bordeaux, and that fact alone gives it all the credibility you could ask for. Sauvignon Blanc is used for dessert wines and makes an excellent standalone varietal bottle. It’s known as one of only a few wines in the whole world that can perfectly complement a plate of sushi. Outside of France, you can expect to encounter this varietal in Chile, Romania, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Washington, California, and many other locations.

The flavor and texture tend to vary based on the region that produces a given bottle. In cooler climates, the wines tend to be on the acidic side, and the green Sauvignon Blanc grape is followed by a variety of other “green” flavors, such as green bell peppers or grass, with a pinch or two of various tropical flavors like passionfruit. Otherwise, the wines tend to feature an even stronger tropical representation, making them a perfect choice for relaxing and staying refreshed on the beach, losing yourself in the lush, fizzy ocean waves.

Because it grows in so many regions, your vintage choices are pretty broad. Every major region has a compelling representative, and tasting as many of them as you can is the best way to experience the magic of Sauvignon Blanc as a whole.

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