1964 Gaja Barbaresco

- 750 ml
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1964 Barbaresco-Dinner at a local restaurant provided an opportunity to try this beautiful wine from a perfectly stored bottle. The color is very light, pale red. This 1964 shows a very pretty and delicate nose of crushed flowers, anise, and spices, followed by gorgeous sensations of sweet, perfumed, ethereal fruit that blossom on the palate, finishing with much overall harmony and balance. 95 points/drink now...

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate | 95 RP

Sokolin 1964 Gaja Barbaresco Tasting Notes:

Words cannot describe the sheer emotional impact a great Barbaresco can have. From the rich, pungent nose of red fruit, star anise, fruitcake, leather, and tar, to the layered, dense, multi-dimensional tasting experience once your lips actually touch the drink, a vintage like this is a dream come true for wine fans everywhere. The wine has a lot of power for its age, yet steps forth with that familiar elegance and confidence that comes with maturity. It's got great aging potential and is more than drinkable as of today. The acidity cuts through the sweetness and thickness of the wine, adding some balance and an airy, almost playful feel. The finish is long and sustained, even generous.

No matter where you plan to uncork a bottle of this magnitude, expect to see some jaws drop. This is a monumental wine, one that will make history. An absolute stunner.
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Vintage 1964
Format 750 ml
Color Red
Country Italy: What are the first things that come to mind when thinking about Italy and Italian culture? There's one thing that nearly everyone tends to mention, it's the food - and where there's fine food, there is almost always fine wine. Italy is the most prolific wine region in the world, outclassing even France in terms of production quantity. Even if you're a complete wine novice, you have almost certainly heard of names such as Barolo and Barbaresco, Italy's most famous wine styles. When it comes to soil composition and other geographical characteristics, Italy offers a lot of diversity, and this never fails to show in the wines themselves.
Producer Gaja: Gaja's winery provides magnificent Barbaresco wine with amazing consistency, and the wines evolve with age like a caterpillar turning into a gorgeous butterfly. Their wines are often chewy, fleshy, visceral in a way very few other wineries can boast. The flavors are concentrated, and the wine seems to almost pulsate with pure life force in the glass. Expect to encounter jammy dark fruits, delicious grilled vegetables, and other aromas that make it seem like you're eating a full-course meal prepared by one of the world's finest chefs. It's a complete package in every way imaginable, and a wine that will remain in your memories for decades to come. If you're at a social event, don't expect a bottle of Gaja to still contain wine after about ten minutes!
Rating 95 RP
Region Piedmont: Italian culture values the unbreakable bond we share with family and very few things showcase that connection quite like a shared meal. Therefore, it's only natural that wine would also take its place as an important cultural aspect. Fine Italian produce always goes well with a variety of dishes, and that makes these wines an incredibly popular choice among wine enthusiasts who appreciate a good get-together. The foothills of the Alps help define this region's significantly colder, continental winter climate, but during the summer, the conditions are similar to the region of Burgundy. Flavor-wise, this region has a mind-boggling variety to offer. Not only is there a healthy selection of approved grapes to work with, but the soil often varies from estate to estate, letting every wine stand out. Expect to encounter powerful notes of rose petal flavor, spices, cherries, dried herbs, anise, and many more. Every bottle has a story to tell. Those of you with a tendency to hoard and collect fine wines will be especially intrigued, as Piedmont wines tend to mature extremely well, developing nuance and becoming more and more delicious as time goes on.
Type of Wine Barbaresco: A good Barbaresco traditionally conjures a perfume of powerful floral aroma, and massages your tastebuds with gentle violets and roses creating a juicy burst of cherry and truffle. If you decide to let the wine age, it can develop smokey, earthy notes that round out the experience beautifully. No one is left indifferent after tasting one of these masterpieces, we can assure you of that.
Varietal Nebbiolo
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