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Tempranillo Wines

It would be an extreme waste of time to visit Spain and not try a wine (or several) with a heavy representation of Tempranillo. The grape’s name comes from the Spanish word temprano, which means “early.” It earned this name by consistently ripening sooner than most other Spanish varietals. In 2015, Tempranillo took third place on the list of the most widely planted varietals, and 88% of that representation was achieved in Spain, cementing its reputation as their “noble grape.”

Tempranillo is considerably less aromatic than varietals like Pinot Noir or Sangiovese, but this only makes it stand out as an incredibly versatile, neutral option. It sees a ton of use in many blends across the globe and often helps bring the barrel’s signature flavor to the forefront. Every flavor brought by a blend that involves this magical grape gets accentuated and built up, giving these blends an impact that is very hard to match. Still, it holds a unique identity by combining the soft, juicy overtone of strawberries with a delicate, earthy plum baseline.

Spain is, without a doubt, the place to be when it comes to Tempranillo blends. These vintages have demonstrated an excellent aging capacity and will liven up any social event and add a touch of sweet Spanish magic to any meal you choose to pair them with. Tempranillo is a Spanish classic and should find its place in every wine geek’s collection.

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