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Viognier Wines

Viognier is a grape varietal whose naturally low yields make it absolutely perfect for expert winemakers from around the globe. It’s the only grape that is allowed in Condrieu blends from the Rhône valley. Outside of France, it regularly gets planted in regions like South America, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

Producing Viognier wines often takes an exceptional amount of skill and dedication on the winemaker’s part. This is because a lot of their colorful aromatic notes and subtleties can get destroyed by exposure to too much oxygen, so intense care has to be taken during every stage of production. However, the reward is heavenly, as Viognier whites are full-bodied, lush masterpieces, with fruity, often earthy undertones that excite your tastebuds and stimulate your intellect. A quality bottle perfumes your mouth with a sweet aromatic mixture of ripe, sugary peaches, juicy pears, violets, and a healthy dose of minerals. In many ways, tasting a good Viognier white is like wandering through a mythical fantasy garden, and plucking the many fruits and plants that draw you closer with their pretty colors and intoxicating scent.

Some of the fine Viognier blends can be quite taxing on your wallet, but the satisfaction that comes with drinking one of these whites transcends any kind of material wealth. Fine Viogniers are a statement of prestige aimed at other collectors if you can afford a bottle or several.

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