1975 d'Yquem

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Wine Critic Reviews:

Deep gold in color, the 1975 d'Yquem gives up initial notes of cashew butter, manuka honey, dried apricots, musk perfume and fallen leaves over a core of spice cake, applesauce, fungi and lemongrass. The palate is laden with bright, vibrant stone fruit and preserved citrus fruit flavors, laced with honey-nut accents and finishing provocatively earthy. While intense and hedonically satisfying, this beguiling vintage has so many nuances emerging as it unfurls, it stops you in your tracks. Make sure it is the very last wine of the evening, because once you taste this, everything else will pale into insignificance. Although this wine is currently well within its ideal drinking window, there's certainly no rush to drink well-preserved bottles.

Robert Parker Wine Advocate | 99 RP
Noted as a standout at the time of harvest, and still holding up incredibly well. This beautiful wine remains rich, luscious and truly of excellent quality. Tiny yields of perhaps 8hl/h, it is displaying notes of orange peel, orange rind, caramel, white truffle, with a dry finish. This is silky smooth and utterly gorgeous, with clear spiciness underpinning the fruit, and a wonderful lift of acidity. This can easily last another few decades, and offers huge pleasure (and has done on several occasions when I have tasted it, suggested consistency). Run by Alexandre de Lur Saluces at the time. Drinking Window 2015 - 2030.

Decanter Magazine | 96 DEC
A celebrated vintage. Thick, rich and powerful, this Yquem is packed with an immense concentration of flavors. Tastes almost tannic, tough and unyielding (like many '75 [i]red[n] Bordeaux), but the rough, awkward edges should smooth out with time.--Yquem vertical. Best after 2020.

Wine Spectator | 95 WS

Sokolin 1975 d'Yquem Tasting Notes:

If you have a well-preserved bottle of 1975 d’Yquem, consider yourself an extremely fortunate soul. This wine is impossibly delicious, an utterly inimitable experience that could change a person’s worldview in a minute. The honey-gold color betrays the aromatic arrangement on the nose, where you are met with a simply enchanting combination of dried apricot, honey, spices, and lemongrass. On the palate, the gear switches a tiny bit, with a focus on lightly candied citrus and stone fruit flavors, while stimulating your entire mouth with a gentle caressing sensation.

Wines from d’Yquem have no problems aging for several decades, so you don’t have to feel pressured to drink a bottle like this as soon as possible. We recommend saving it for just the right occasion, the right moment where everyone present is ready for an absolute bombshell of a wine. Expect every uncorked bottle to vanish into thin air with how fast they’re going to become empty.
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Vintage 1975
Format 750 ml
Color White
Country France: Words fail us when trying to adequately portray France's place in the world of wine. It's downright impossible to imagine what wine would feel and taste like had it not been for France's many, many viticultural pioneers. Fine wine is the blood of France's vigorously beating heart, and it finds itself in many aspects of French culture. With a viticultural history that dates all the way back to the 6th century BC, France now enjoys its position as the most famous and reputable wine region on the planet. If you have a burning passion for masterfully crafted, mouth-watering, mind-expanding wines, then regular visits to France are probably already in your schedule, and for a good reason.
Producer d'Yquem: When a winery is considered by many to be the single best in its region, you know you're dealing with a titan. Chateau d'Yquem is a hugely influential and reputable winery located in the Sauternes sub-region, and their wines could make even Dionysus swell up in envy. There is not a single wine lover in the world we wouldn't recommend these wines to, and the reason becomes obvious as soon as you sip the godly nectar. The flavor profile is as beautiful as it is complex and precise, its sweetness latches onto you. The candied apricots, the aromatic flowers, the vanilla; it's hard to focus on one amazing flavor when everything mixes perfectly. Every wine fanatic keeps Chateau d'Yquem near the top of their priority list at all times. These wines' consistency creates a quality that's unbelievable.
Rating 99 RP
Region Sauternes: The white wines of Bordeaux are sometimes sadly looked over, as the region is primarily known for their almost absurdly powerful and delicious reds. However, if you like a refreshing, sweet treat on a late summer evening or you wish to complete your journey through Bordeaux's finest wines, you should not skip a Sauternes bottle or two. Made from a carefully balanced mixture of Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle grape varietals, this wine boasts an almost supernatural sweetness. This sugary nature can be attributed to the presence of noble rot that can cause the grapes to visually resemble raisins in a way. We would completely understand if a single taste of fine Sauternes brought visible tears of joy to your eyes, as the flavor is just that magnificent. As you swirl the liquid gold in your mouth, an orchestral performance echoes on, with a grounding double bass of honey and the sharpness and acidity of a passionate violin solo. Notes of peach, apricot and nut punctuate the experience, sending you sky-high with inspiration and pure, emotional bliss. Let us open the door to a whole new world together.
Type of Wine Dessert White: In the minds of many wine lovers, no food pairing matches the appeal of a dessert and an appropriate dessert wine. For those of us with a pronounced sweet tooth, dessert whites come in many shapes, sizes, and, most importantly, varietals. Whether you're dealing with an Austrian Pinot Blanc or a sweet German Riesling, it's hard to resist for long.
Varietal Sauternes Blend: Made from a carefully balanced mixture of Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle grape varietals, the Sauternes blends boasts an almost supernatural sweetness. This sugary nature can be attributed to the presence of noble rot that can cause the grapes to visually resemble raisins in a way.
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