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Rosé Wines

Rosé wine is a versatile drink, capable of enriching a wide variety of situations. It’s perfect for an important date, where first impressions go a long way. Alternatively, a family gathering can become that much more cheerful with a vivacious helping of beautiful Rosé. It keeps growing in popularity, helping to cement France as the birthplace of truly wonderful blends. The production involves letting the grape juice soak with the skins for several days, before being allowed to ferment properly. The resulting liquid achieves a beautiful color, ranging from a sweet honey orange to a playful purple hue, adding some color variety to your collection. Rosé bottles are also pretty easy to spot in a storefront, in case you develop a passion for this gorgeous drink.
The region of Provence in southern France is often considered the Rosé capital of the world. Wines made here often incorporate the explosively juicy flavors of strawberry or raspberry. These fruits have a habit of making you reach for more, and that habit is imparted into the wine itself – this type of Rosé doesn’t stay on the table for long. Any bottle with a high concentration of Grenache, Syrah, or Mourvedre is a safe option, also.

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