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Cool Wine Shippers Now Available.

Cool Wine Shippers

Protect your liquid assets in transit!

The Wine Vault

The Wine Vault is a 6-bottle styrofoam locking mechanism that houses and protects your liquid assets from damage and condensation during the entirety of its trip from our cellar to yours.

The Cool Part

Around the Wine Vault, three “flat” Ice Packs are strategically placed to help protect the Wine Vault from heat spikes in transit ensuring a stable and safe temperature range for your bottles during the entire journey. Because they are placed outside the vault, no ice pack condensation can penetrate and potentially damage the labels of your liquid assets. In addition, a 2nd layer of shock absorption and temperature insulation is added to further protect your liquid assets during shipping.

The Triple Play

Now with the Wine Vault, the Cool Part, and the addition of a properly sealed and labeled shipping box, your liquid assets are secured for a damage-free transit that comes as close as possible to a guarantee the wine bottles will arrive exactly as how they left our facility.

Cool Wine Shippers

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