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The Durand®

The Ultimate Wine Opener – A Must-Have Tool for Every Fine Wine Collector!

Most wine enthusiasts will agree that a natural cork stopper is necessary for the proper aging of fine wine. The composition of natural cork allows just enough oxygen to slowly enter a bottle over a long period of time which helps the wine to mature and reach its full potential.

Unfortunately, the aging process of a wine can take its toll on a natural cork and the structural integrity of the cork can become compromised over time. A cork weakened by long term aging can be extremely difficult to remove from a bottle without the proper tools…and this is exactly why The Durand was created!

Why use The Durand®?

If you’re a lover of older bottles, you’ve experienced the following scenario at least once before. You finally decide to open that special bottle you’ve been storing perfectly for years. You’ve done everything right; perfect temperature, perfect humidity and pristine provenance. As you cut the foil and sink your corkscrew into the bottle, you notice that the cork seems a bit soft and as you begin to pull the corkscrew back up, the cork begins to pull apart. Once you’re finally able to remove the cork and all of the pieces, now you have to pour the wine through a cheesecloth to make sure no pieces of cork are left in the bottle. If only there was a tool to make this process easier!

For many of us, we have learned the hard way that even when wines are stored in the most ideal conditions, corks can become brittle with age. This is a common occurrence with older bottles and a broken or damaged cork is not indicative of an issue with the quality of the wine, so special tools have been developed to aid in removing old corks without damage. The Durand is the only tool you’ll need!

Some things to note:

  • The Durand removes even the oldest corks whole and completely intact.
  • The Durand is absolutely essential for anyone who enjoys opening and drinking older wines.
  • The Durand eliminates the mess of broken corks, corks pushed into bottles or corks partially removed leaving pieces floating in the wine.

Developed as the Ultimate Tool for serious back-vintage wine lovers.

The Durand® is a broadly patented device that is exceptionally effective in removing compromised and fragile corks, whole and intact, from older, valued wines. The Durand has been repeatedly tested on the most challenging corks. It has performed consistently and flawlessly.

The Durand® is a fully patented, two part device that enables the user to successfully remove older and fragile wine corks whole and intact. The Durand® was invented by wine collector Mark Taylor who had struggled with challenging corks when opening older fine wines. He founded Wining Taylors, LLC (based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA) to manufacture and market The Durand® in 2007. The Durand® is named for Yves Durand, a world-renowned sommelier, and a personal friend and mentor.

Numerous wine lovers, collectors, and nationally and internationally known sommeliers have enjoyed The Durand’s performance and appreciated its proven track record. The Durand® has been well received and reviewed in the national and international press, as well as in wine magazines, periodicals, and online media.

Using the Durand®

The helix effectively fixes the cork between the blades whilst you gently ease out the cork. We have used it on several bottles where little else might have worked and we deem it to be a necessity for any wine cellar. The Durand website has lots of useful information and videos on its use -

Use the Durand only on likely old and fragile corks - The Durand is intended only for that use, and is not appropriate for use as a general corkscrew.

It's rare that in such a mature industry whose history can be traced back hundreds, if not thousands of years, that innovation for the consumer is still possible - but the Durand has proved otherwise. Finally, there is a safer way to open a valuable bottle of wine.

How to Use the Durand®

  1. Screw HELIX into center of cork until STABILIZER BAR rests against top of cork (or bottle).
  2. With BLADES on either side of STABILIZER BAR, insert first the “long” then “short” BLADE between the cork and bottle.
  3. Work the BLADES down between the cork and bottle by pressing down alternately over each BLADE using the HANDLE. Continue this “rocking” motion until the bottom of the HANDLE rests against the top of the STABILIZER BAR.
  4. Hold the bottle securely. With the other hand grasp the STABILIZER BAR and HANDLE together and twist, then pull upward slowly continuing to twist to remove the cork.

Even with the stability and support offered by the Durand, the very oldest and more fragile corks may benefit from a little added care. Use your fingers on the cork near the neck of the bottle to help ‘nurse’ the cork during the later stages of removal.

Precautions & Disclaimers

The Durand is intended to remove only older, fragile corks from bottles with an inside neck opening of approximately 3/4 inch. DO NOT USE on corks in bottles with an inside neck diameter of less than 3/4 inch. DO NOT USE on non-cork bottle stoppers.

The cork container supplied with The Durand contains small magnets that could present a choking hazard to small children.

Keep The Durand and the cork container out of the reach of children.

Although The Durand has proven to be effective in removing old, fragile corks, Wining Taylors, LLC makes no guarantee that it will be useful or effective in removing every bottle cork.

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