1985 Quintarelli Recioto Del Valpolicella Bianco Extra Amabile

- 750 ml
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Vintage 1985
Format 750 ml
Color White
Country Italy: What are the first things that come to mind when thinking about Italy and Italian culture? There's one thing that nearly everyone tends to mention, it's the food - and where there's fine food, there is almost always fine wine. Italy is the most prolific wine region in the world, outclassing even France in terms of production quantity. Even if you're a complete wine novice, you have almost certainly heard of names such as Barolo and Barbaresco, Italy's most famous wine styles. When it comes to soil composition and other geographical characteristics, Italy offers a lot of diversity, and this never fails to show in the wines themselves.
Producer Quintarell: Considered by many to be the best winery in the region of Valpolicella, Quintarelli is an estate with a lot of stories to tell. The sun-kissed slopes of Quintarelli's beautiful vineyards are a heavenly sight, and just wait until you taste one of their masterpieces! The quality of their wines is otherworldly, and they can easily compete with Bordeaux or Burgundy's titans. The prices tend to reflect this, so bottles of fine Quintarelli may not be the easiest to obtain. Every penny is worth it, though, as no wine in the world could do Quintarelli's job better. Sometimes, words aren't enough, and a bottle of wine has to be tasted to be believed. Treat yourself to one of Italy's finest, and rediscover your passion for wine again.
Region Veneto: Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world - the city of love. So how could Veneto wines be any different? This north-eastern Italian region has to offer nothing but sweet, liquid romance poured into elegant bottles ready for your dinner table. With its importance growing more and more every day, Veneto has proven its capacity by producing the same amount of wine, if not more, as some more popular regions, such as Tuscany or Piedmont. It may have been considered small in the past, but no one can deny the quality of Veneto wines today. Veneto's reds are easily recognized for their sweet, but intense fruity flavors that together create an impressive scope of Corvina-based wines. Other typical varieties are Rondinella and Molinara, and they're all well-known for the palate rich with red fruits, above all sour cherry. On the other hand, there's a breathtaking portfolio of refreshing, lemon-flavored dry whites, mostly based on Garganega and Trebbiano varieties. All these wines are outstandingly complex and long-lasting, thanks to the wonderful Garganega grapes.
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