1990 Vega Sicilia Unico

- 750 ml
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Wine Critic Reviews:

...the 1990 Unico...possesses and extraordinarily, opulent bouquet with cassis, blood orange, Italian cured meat and crushed stone. It is extremely well defined and powerful yet succinctly focused. The palate is ripe and sweet on the entry. Vibrant red fruit, orange peel, marmalade, Asian spices all vie for attention. There is great weight and potency, building in the mouth that is rich in glycerine and climaxes with a spicy, meaty finish that tightly grips the mouth. It has a Right Bank, Cabernet Franc like persona. This is a lovely, decadent Unico that is surfeit with fresh and vitality, a Rubenesque Unico of some style.

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Sokolin 1990 Vega Sicilia Unico Tasting Notes:

Three whole decades have passed since this wine was created, but you could be forgiven for mistaking it for a much younger vintage. The 1990 Troplong Mondot combines youthful power and vigor with the developed character, finesse, and resolved tannins of a seasoned veteran. It's a lovely cellar-friendly wine that has enough fruit in its reservoir to last a few more years, at least, but you could easily uncork it today and get blown away by its fantastic quality. On the nose, a vivacious bouquet springs forth, carrying the scent of forest herbs, spice, ripe plums, and blackberries, along with a tasteful dose of dark chocolate. As you partake in the drink, the raw, untamed concentration of the wine is demonstrated clearly, with wonderfully ripe tannins. The finish is almost a minute long, and the texture of the wine is compelling enough to fuel discussions until the end of time. You just can't go wrong with this beauty.
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Vintage 1990
Format 750 ml
Color Red
Country Spain: Great wines tell a story of not just the soil they come from, but the people whose hands did all the work. Spain is an incredibly rich and important country when it comes to wine, with plenty of stories to tell. Whether you're a fan of the wonderful Tempranillo varietal or you prefer a touch of classy white Albarino, Spain offers something for everyone. It's a joy to immerse yourself in the culture and explore all the diverse styles and blends. If this sounds appealing to you, then you should treat yourself to at least one of Spain's finest wines, and lose yourself in its complexities. You will almost certainly walk away from that experience with your passion for wine set ablaze like never before.
Producer V.Sicilia: Vega Sicilia is, without a doubt, one of the most influential and reputable wineries in Spain's rich history. Its rise to fame was partially responsible for Tempranillo's widespread use, and today it remains one of the most dominant and beloved Old World wineries. Vega Sicilia is so popular, in fact, that their wines can become incredibly hard to find, and quite expensive while the supplies last. The more time passes, the more impressive Vega Sicilia's legacy becomes, as whole new generations of wine lovers learn of its storied past. Their wines are delicious enough to seduce kings and have immense historical value. Anyone that claims to own a bottle or several can quickly inspire jealousy among fellow wine enthusiasts. Dive into a little slice of history with one of Spain's finest.
Rating 96 RPNM
Region Duero: A rough environment can contribute a lot to one's character, as we're all aware. Fortunately, this also applies to wines, and there's no better example than the glorious DO of Ribera del Duero. Based almost entirely on rocky terrain, this commune is responsible for some of Spain's greatest viticultural accomplishments. Outside of Albillo-infused whites that see local popularity, this area is entirely dedicated to the production of luxurious and powerful reds. The favored varietal is Tempranillo (known over there as Tinto Fino), and the winemakers mix in a healthy dose of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Malbec from time to time. More so than most other regions in the world, this area is known for wines that can last an astoundingly long time. This makes their reds a favorite amongst collectors and a great way for inexperienced wine enthusiasts to develop a sense of patience when it comes to wine aging. When allowed to develop sufficiently, you can expect a marvelous unraveling of smokey, intense flavors of spice and dark fruit, with leather and tobacco adding an earthy quality to them that adds a lot of raw force to the attack.
Type of Wine Spain Red: Spanish wines shouldn't be overlooked under any circumstances, as there are plenty of extraordinary wines coming from this country. There are also lots of grape varietals grown all over Spain. Some of the most gorgeous red varieties are the early-harvested Tempranillo, raspberry-flavored Garnacha, Bobal, Monastrell, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot.
Varietal Proprietary Blend: There's a level of mystery and intrigue when it comes to drinking a wine for which you're not fully informed about, and if that sounds like a thrilling idea to you, then you're probably already interested in proprietary blends. While the concept doesn't have a legal definition, it is used to describe blends whose components aren't disclosed by the producer. In many cases, the wine tends to be a Bordeaux-inspired blend, but this isn't always the case.
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