2008 Pintia

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The 2008 Pintia has a fragrant bouquet with scents of dark plum, mulberry and fresh cherry, the new oak neatly folded into the fruit profile. The palate is medium-bodied with a fleshy, silky smooth entry. The tannins here are very fine with dark cherries, a touch of sloe and spices that become more pronounced toward the focused finish. This is perhaps the most feminine 2008 so far...seductive. Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

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Vintage 2008
Format 1.5L
Color Red
Country Spain: Great wines tell a story of not just the soil they come from, but the people whose hands did all the work. Spain is an incredibly rich and important country when it comes to wine, with plenty of stories to tell. Whether you're a fan of the wonderful Tempranillo varietal or you prefer a touch of classy white Albarino, Spain offers something for everyone. It's a joy to immerse yourself in the culture and explore all the diverse styles and blends. If this sounds appealing to you, then you should treat yourself to at least one of Spain's finest wines, and lose yourself in its complexities. You will almost certainly walk away from that experience with your passion for wine set ablaze like never before.
Producer Pintia
Rating 95 RP
Region Toro: Toro is a Spanish region that connoisseurs mention whenever they talk about potent, full-bodied, intense red wine, well-fitting with the region's name. Tempranillo, or Tinta de Toro, is the grape responsible for this famous wine, and by far the most dominant type of grape to grow in Toro. Dark-hued, thick-skinned and wonderfully equipped to handle warm days and cold nights, Tempranillo is a favorite all around Spain. Its bold tannins and supportive structure make it a good backbone in many blends, resulting in beautiful bouquets and palates of strawberry, tobacco, blackberry, chocolate, prunes and black currants. Besides this champion of Toro, other grapes grown in this region include Garnacha, Malvasia Blanca and Verdejo, used for rare, special bottles of whites and roses. The interest in these and some other grape varietals are increasing as winemakers recognize the potential of this region's terroir. Even with wines as established as Tinta de Toro, the world is yet to see the full breadth of Toro's viticulture. Still, this superior red isn't likely to be surpassed any time soon. It's a crucial puzzle piece of Spanish viticulture that offers a different lens into this country's abundant, complex culture, as well as the noble craft of winemaking itself.
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