2010 Arnoux-Lachaux Latricieres Chambertin

- 750 ml
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A fresh...noticeably cool nose of herb and stone-infused wild red berry fruit aromas precedes impressively intense, powerful and agreeably rich medium-bodied flavors that ooze a fine minerality on the wonderfully detailed flavors that explode on the mouth coating and overtly stony finish. Like the Suchots, this is one impressive effort with outstanding upside potential... Burghound.com

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Vintage 2010
Format 750 ml
Color Red
Country France: Words fail us when trying to adequately portray France's place in the world of wine. It's downright impossible to imagine what wine would feel and taste like had it not been for France's many, many viticultural pioneers. Fine wine is the blood of France's vigorously beating heart, and it finds itself in many aspects of French culture. With a viticultural history that dates all the way back to the 6th century BC, France now enjoys its position as the most famous and reputable wine region on the planet. If you have a burning passion for masterfully crafted, mouth-watering, mind-expanding wines, then regular visits to France are probably already in your schedule, and for a good reason.
Producer ArnouxLach: With access to some of the finest land in Vosne Romanee and Nuits-Saint-Georges, Domaine Arnoux Lachaux seems ready to become a dominant force in the wine world. The average age of their grapevines hovers around 50, which is more than good enough to produce mouth-watering, memorable wines that will stimulate your mind along with your senses. With a good bit of creativity in their approach, Domaine Arnoux Lachaux continues to improve its already incredible produce, which makes us giddy with excitement as we anticipate future vintages. Sometimes, our minds and tastebuds crave something new, something fresh and surprising. If you feel this way, then Domaine Arnoux Lachaux is just what the doctor ordered. Get comfortable (perhaps with some guests) and let the wine do the talking.
Rating 93-95 BH
Region Burgundy: Situated just west of the beautiful river Saone, the hills and valleys of Burgundy stand as they have stood since medieval times, and you can almost hear the cheerful chatter of vineyard workers from miles away. Indeed, France's identity in the world of wine would be incomplete without the inclusion of Burgundy and its many viticultural achievements. Every little sub-region of the area boasts a unique soil composition, which, when combined with the area's climate conditions, creates an incredibly diverse and appealing selection of fine wines. Every new bottle is an adventure of its own, and a snapshot of its birthplace. You could spend years sampling great Burgundian wines, and you would still have a lot to learn, which is what makes the region so compelling for veterans and novice wine lovers alike. No matter what your taste in wines may be, there is a winery in Burgundy that could mesmerize your mind and make your senses scream with joy. And what better way to spend a comfy summer afternoon with your friends and family than with a classy bottle from some of the region's most reputable wineries? From the noble slopes of Cote d'Or to the flatlands near various settlements, let us help you on your journey as we explore Burgundy's most delicious and renowned wines.
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