2011 Ransom Riesling Brooks Vineyard

- 750 ml
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...this invigoratingly vibrant, irresistibly juicy, persistent, buoyant 10% alcohol concentrate of grapefruit, lime, apple, flowers, herbs and saliva-inducing salinity bears a more than just superficial resemblance to the sort of wine for which the Mosel - and indeed much of Riesling Germany - was once famous. And you can taste modern day examples from the likes of Ulrich Stein, or the special recent bottlings at Karl Loewen and Dr. Loosen...But, for the most part, truly delicate dry Riesling has been out of fashion and foolishly neglected among Germans for decades ... so isn't it a relief to learn that those of us who mourn that absence can instead turn to Oregon?!... Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

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Vintage 2011
Format 750 ml
Color White
Country US: As one of the most prolific and innovative wine regions in the world, America is a joy to explore. Most wine connoisseurs will agree that the nation's finest and most compelling wines are being produced today, which means that we have front-row seats to one of the most inspirational stories in wine history. While other regions tend to focus on specific wine styles and have somewhat strict rules as to which varietals you could grow, areas like California have few such restrictions in place. As a result, creative visionaries behind America's most reputable estates have been able to develop compelling, unique, and innovative styles, with a level of terroir expression that rivals even France's largest giants.
Producer Ransom
Rating 91 RP
Region Oregon: Oregon is a majestic region, a veritable ocean of lush, intense greenery, spread across an intriguing, uneven terrain. You could pick any direction while standing on a hill, and enjoy a view that is more breathtaking than what was written in the finest works of fantasy. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Oregon is also home to some of America's most groundbreaking viticultural accomplishments. The two best-represented grape varietals in Oregon are Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. However, it is the Pinot Noir wines that receive most of the critical attention. While they're not always as aggressively fruity as a lot of popular reds from around the world, they bring an intense and memorable flavor combination of their own. Expect a strong earthy framework, one that supports a complex mixture of cranberries, coffee, tobacco, blueberry, and spice. With every sip, your understanding of these wines grows in a deep and personal way, broadening your viticultural horizons. A good wine offers a full conversation with the person drinking it. Why not sit down with a bottle or three and hear their life stories? They'll be by your side for years to come, as loyal friends you can converse with whenever you want.
Type of Wine Oregon White: Oregon enjoys quite a reputation as a winemaking region. Some of the best U.S. wine comes from this particular region, and you simply can't decide which are better: red or white wines. Among white grape varieties, the most commonly planted ones in Oregon are Chenin Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Semillon, and Arneis.
Varietal Riesling: Riesling is a German grape varietal used to produce some of the most heavenly white wine that has ever existed. This has to be tasted to be believed, trust us. If you enjoy your white wine on the sweeter side (as many people do), Riesling wines are an essential addition to your wine cellar. Even if you normally prefer dry, non-sweet wines, you might just get converted by this piece of work.
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