2017 Coto de Gomariz X

- 750 ml
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...It's very tasty and has a pleasant bittersweet twist on the finish; it has complexity and great length, combining power and elegance. It has to be one of the finest vintages for this bottling...

Robert Parker Wine Advocate

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Vintage 2017
Format 750 ml
Color White
Country Spain: Great wines tell a story of not just the soil they come from, but the people whose hands did all the work. Spain is an incredibly rich and important country when it comes to wine, with plenty of stories to tell. Whether you're a fan of the wonderful Tempranillo varietal or you prefer a touch of classy white Albarino, Spain offers something for everyone. It's a joy to immerse yourself in the culture and explore all the diverse styles and blends. If this sounds appealing to you, then you should treat yourself to at least one of Spain's finest wines, and lose yourself in its complexities. You will almost certainly walk away from that experience with your passion for wine set ablaze like never before.
Producer Gomariz
Rating 94 RP
Region Galicia: Initially set in motion by Romans and very much continued today, the winemaking tradition in Galicia is long and rich. The sheer amount of time spent carefully tending to these vineyards, learning and adjusting strategies of growing bountiful vintages and producing wine warrants respect even from those who don't consider themselves wine enthusiasts. Those who do, however, have that much more to discover and fall in love with in Galicia. Its position by the Atlantic, steep cliffs, rolling hills, and rivers all seem to be coated in lush verdure, earning the region its title as the Spanish green corner. Vineyards can be found mostly alongside the river Mino in the cool, wet yet sunny climate characteristic to Galicia. The grapes grown here include Albarino, Torrontes, Godello, Loureiro and more. They are predominantly made into crisp, light, opulent white wines (Rias Baixas) remarkably similar to Portuguese Vinho Verde. Due to the challenging terroir, red grapes generally struggle to grow in Galicia and only the warmest, sunniest parts of this region produce red wines, typically of a light and fragrant character. Though not as famous, these enigmatic elixirs tell a compelling story and offer a unique perspective into Galician culture and way of life.
Type of Wine Spain White: Spanish white wines are as outstanding as the red ones. Plenty of grape varieties planted in Spain have Spanish origin, such as Verdejo or Godello, as well as the crispy Albarino with its powerful aromas. Palomino, Airen, and Albillo are also commonly used in different blends, with Albillo being prevalent in Madrid.
Varietal Proprietary Blend: There's a level of mystery and intrigue when it comes to drinking a wine for which you're not fully informed about, and if that sounds like a thrilling idea to you, then you're probably already interested in proprietary blends. While the concept doesn't have a legal definition, it is used to describe blends whose components aren't disclosed by the producer. In many cases, the wine tends to be a Bordeaux-inspired blend, but this isn't always the case.
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