2019 Rafael Tirado Laberinto Sauvignon Blanc

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2019 was a milder year than 2018, and the 2019 Cenizas de Laberinto Sauvignon Blanc is marginally more civilized than the 2018 I tasted next to it. It was kept with the lees in the fermentation vessel for some eight months. Even so, in this part of much cooler Maule, the differences between vintages tend to be more subtle, and 2019 is not a warm vintage, just less cold. Perhaps the wine is a little rounder, more citrusy than herbal and surprisingly has lower alcohol than the 2018 I tasted next to it. It has terrific balance on the palate, with acidity that still makes you salivate and is effervescent but perhaps not as sharp as colder years. It's a balanced vintage,, and the wine feels very complete and precise. 18,000 bottles produced. It was bottled in November 2019. He has moved from screwcap to natural cork in 2019, as he thinks it will result in higher complexity as the wine ages in bottle. Bravo!

Robert Parker Wine Advocate | 94+ RP
This Sauvignon Blanc from Colbún in the Maule Andes has a bold, compact, grassy flavor ranging from peas to cabbage with lime and pink grapefruit. Neutral on the palate with solid freshness, the well-judged lees-work lends it fat in the mouth and tamps down the tension. Lingers energetically on the gums.

Vinous Media | 92 VM

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Vintage 2019
Color White
Country Chile: As the world's seventh-largest wine producer, Chile has a lot to offer to wine adventurers such as yourself. More than twenty grape varietals commonly see use, and the environment and climate conditions of the country allow for flexible, experimental methods that make the wines that much more compelling. Interestingly enough, France's viticultural influence on Chile is greater than Spain's. Cabernet Sauvignon has recently become the most planted varietal in the region, although the unique Chilean terroir is still sensed in full force. If you're in the mood for something different, the mad scientists behind Chile's most reputable wineries are ready to impress.
Producer R. Tirado
Rating 94+ RP
Region Maule: Maule's southern position is responsible for many of the differences between this region and the Central Valley of Chile. The nights are colder, rainfall more consistent, yet the days are still very bright and sunny. These conditions make room for a long, steady growing season, resulting in wonderfully balanced flavor profiles of the grapes, leaving them ripe and juicy with perfect acidity levels. Previously only recognized as the producer of Pais, Maule has adopted some international wines in the recent past, helping rebuild its reputation. Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon can now easily be found here. The lovely Carignan vines typical for this region resist the modern tendencies of their motherland. These wines showcase gentle earthy spirit with remarkable depth and bulks of plums and blackberry in each sip. Compared to its more famous Chilean counterparts, Maule still has a long way to go. Still, fame isn't everything. While the world is busy focusing elsewhere, this enticing region builds its portfolio rapidly, as if awakened from a long period of winter. It's one of those rare places that have retained character, withstanding the pressure to conform. This resilient yet soft spirit certainly shows in Maule's wines, waiting to be discovered and treasured for what they're worth.
Type of Wine Chile White: Chilean whites ask for very little on your part but deliver a level of quality that Dionysus himself would be jealous of. Whether we're talking about their acidic, mineral-infused, and zesty Chardonnay or their wonderfully rich, lemon-kissed Sauvignon Blanc, the region is a dream to explore. Prepare your senses for the time of their life, and enjoy.
Varietal Sauvignon Blanc: This green-skinned wonder-varietal is one of the most represented white wine grapes in Bordeaux, and that fact alone gives it all the credibility you could ask for. Sauvignon Blanc is used for dessert wines and makes an excellent standalone varietal bottle. It's known as one of only a few wines in the whole world that can perfectly complement a plate of sushi. Outside of France, you can expect to encounter this varietal in Chile, Romania, Australia, Washington, California, and many other locations.
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