Chateau Margaux Wines

The Epitome of Elegance If you like Cabernet blends, prefer a polished, supple red wine, and want to find out why so many of the world’s wine regions model themselves after Bordeaux, look no further than Margaux wines. Margaux Bordeaux wine marries masculine power with elegance, velvety tannins, and sensual textures. Flavorful aromas and perfumes of ripe dark berries, tobacco, truffles, cassis, and violets are the signature of these vin de pays. The Bordeaux wines from the Margaux region come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and prices. Generally, these wines are characterized by great purity of fruit with silky textures, and unique floral characteristics. Simply explained, Margaux is the epitome of elegance. Due to its size and diverse array of soils, the style, taste, and character of Margaux wines are quite varied. Wines from this region range from delicately flavored and perfumed to highly concentrated, and from medium to full-bodied, Still, all of them share a fragrant bouquet, smooth texture and remarkable balance. Margaux vin de pays are not the most concentrated, powerful or tannic in their taste, but above all elegant, sensual, refined and perfumed. They are definitely among the most floral wines in all of Bordeaux. While the dominant scents are violets and lilacs, once the wines mature, you can also enjoy exciting aromas of truffles, cigar box, earth, cherries, plums, and tobacco. The two best wines of the Margaux region are Chateau Margaux and Chateau Palmer. Because of their excellent aging potential, the best Margaux wines are highly prized by collectors.
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