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Germany Wines

Germany Wines

Germany Wines

"Germany is one of those places that have the longest spanning affinity for quality wines and the most profound relationship with the art of producing it. For, in Germany, due to its northernmost position and challenging conditions, viticulture is truly a craft. Picture rivers decisively cutting through proud, soaring mountains, the clearest air you’ve ever breathed as you gaze upon the sun-kissed sides of these staggering giants. Right alongside the outlined edges, hundreds of small vineyards seem to defy gravity, all facing the light, soaking in whatever warmth they can get. Their position is so specific and hard to reach that all of the work around them is done manually. Every step of this noble craft is done by man, in this day in age where the automatised industry has taken over. The sweet, fruity, wonderfully fragrant white wines are as crisp, acidic and elegant as one would imagine upon visiting their birthplace. Mostly made from Riesling, these magnificent elixirs perfectly illustrate the hard work, dedication and intimacy cultivated at these miraculous sites.

More recently developed but equally as valued in Germany are the Pinot Noir-based reds, some of the most sophisticated and well-balanced wines one could taste. A taste of German winemaking should be found bottled and stored inside any sommelier’s cellar. "
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2018 markus molitor saarburger rausch riesling auslese 3 star (green capsule) German White

Molitor’s 2018 Riesling Saarburger Rausch Auslese *** (Green Capsule) is concentrated, fresh and coolish as well as stony on the lemon-scented nose. Rich and powerful yet refined and elegant on the palate, this is a highly concentrated, dense and textured Rausch Auslese with crystalline, mineral acidity that gives a linear course. This mouth-filling Auslese is rich and generous but tightly structured, and the finish has enormous length and stimulating salinity. The 2018 is far too young for the next 10 years, but if you prefer to drink it young, I recommend opening the bottle five to six days before you serve it. Otherwise, waiting for 10-20 years would be the much better option. Tasted twice at the domain in September 2020.Robert Parker Wine Advocate | 99 RP

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