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Liquid Asset Storage Fees & Services

Thank you for your interest in wine storage services at Sokolin. Liquid Asset Storage is our full service wine storage division of Sokolin. All wines are stored in a climate-controlled environment that is conducive to long term wine storage for aging or investment purposes. All of our collectors are given our best white glove service regarding inventory management, pick-ups, deliveries, professional advice, and all other related services.

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Storage Fees

Our wine storage fee is comprised of two components:

  1. Fixed Rate – the fixed rate is the physical per box charge.  This per box charge is for any size case or box, whether full or partially full, up to 9 liters per box (the equivalent of twelve (12) 750 ml bottles of wine).
    1. 1 – 99 boxes assessed at $2.45 per box per month
    2. 100 – 499 boxes assessed at $2.30 per box per month.
    3. 500+ boxes - Please call for rates and availability.
  2. Variable Rate – the variable rate is for our Wineguard Protection plan.   This protection plan is required.  The fee is 1.5% of the aggregate cash value per calendar year.  Each annual 1.5% variable component will be based on the last stated cash value reflected on your inventory list.

Incoming Wines

You can send wines to your Liquid Asset Stoage account from any wine purchases that you make; however, there are advantages to buying from Sokolin and storing with us.

Advantages of buying from Sokolin and storing at Liquid Asset Storage:

1) Provenance - We know the provenance of the product.  We know that all the wines are in excellent condition and have been properly handled in temperature control from our supply chain.  Quality and superior product is ensured when buying from Sokolin.

2) Money Saving - Your Sokolin purchases are shipped to LAS free of charge.  Also, there is no incoming fee into your Liquid Asset Storage account.  We handle everything and waive our check in fee on all of your Sokolin purchases.

3) Efficient Inventory Management - Liquid Asset Storage is a division of Sokolin; therefore, we are under the same operating system.  This assures top-notch customer service and inventory management.

Incoming Charges

Check-in: If wines are sent into your Liquid Asset Storage account there is a one-time in-charge of $3.50 per case or box (with a minimum charge of $17.50 per incoming shipment). There is an additional $1 per line item added to each box sent into your storage account. This check-in charge includes receiving, verification of contents by opening each case, updating the inventory operating system, and racking wines. *All check-in fees are waived on Sokolin purchases.

Repackaging:  If cartons are in unsatisfactory condition for proper wine storage, a one-time re-packaging charge of $5 will be assessed per carton.

Outgoing Charges

There is a picking fee of $3.50 per outgoing box (with a minimum charge of $17.50 per outgoing shipment). This includes pulling and preparing inventory for a shipment or pick-up.

Bottle Picking Charge:
$5 for each case from which bottles were drawn but not wholly removed. The fee for removing the entire case is zero.

Shipping & Delivery Coordination

We are a full delivery service wine storage operation.  Please call for specific quotes.  All fees listed subject to confirmation.

Air (Express) Shipping
2-Day Shipping
2-Day AM Shipping
Standard Overnight Shipping
Priority AM Overnight Shipping

Ground (Economy) Shipping

$35 for up to 4 cases, plus $5 per additional case.

New York City
$45 for up to 4 cases, plus $8 per additional case.

Areas in NJ & CT:
1-10 Boxes will be assessed at $30 per box
11-25 boxes will be assessed at $25 per box
25-75 boxes will be assessed at $20 per box
76+ boxes will be assessed at $18 per box

Long Distance Trucking
Call or email Matt Nowakowski (631) 613-6315

Empty Woods
$25 per wood box ground delivery.

Packing Material

Styrofoam Boxes
12-bottle box will be assessed at $15 per box
6- bottle box will be assessed at $10 per box
3-bottle box will be assessed at $8 per box
1- bottle box will be assessed at $7 per box

Cardboard heavy-duty
12- bottle box will be assessed at $12 per box
6- bottle box will be assessed at $8 per box

Open an Account

In order for us to accept your wines, a storage agreement will need to be opened.  Click here to download a contract. To open your account, please fill out your information on the attached Liquid Asset Storage agreement.  Please fax your signed copy to (631) 631-6316 or email (PDF) to

We hope accommodate you with all of your wine storage needs.  Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

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