Mourvedre Wines

Ah, what a versatile grape. Mourvèdre makes its presence known in a wide variety of top-quality wines, from GSM (Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre) blends to delicate, refreshing and playful bottles of fine rosé. Its diverse applications lead to it being grown in many regions across the world, from the Rhône valley and Provence in France and renowned estates in California, all the way to South Australia and New Zealand. The grape can prove challenging to grow if it’s not given enough time in the sunshine and enough irrigation, but when it succeeds, it shines as bright as the sun that raised it, without being too herbaceous or jammy to be enjoyed.

While the exact flavor combination varies depending on where the wine is produced, all these wines share some common ground, a signature flavor, and texture baseline that sets them apart from their competition. The earthy presence offers an excellent baseline upon which you can even spot tracks of wild game if you’re sensitive enough, and soft, lush red fruit complements the grape, making these wines intense, rich and sensual in a way very few other blends can match.

If you’re the type of wine enthusiast that loves to hold onto precious bottles as they mature and develop nuances, you may appreciate the very recent 2016 and 2015 vintages. These wines contain so much promise, that no matter when you open them you will be struck with a bittersweet feeling, wondering where else it could have gone with an additional month or year of aging. If you prefer wrapping your lips around your wine as soon as possible, a bottle or several from 2007 will satisfy you and anyone you wish to make happy.
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