Petite Verdot Wines

As its name would suggest, Petit Verdot draws its origin from the respected and adored vineyards of France, making its presence known in various Bordeaux blends. However, some would argue that due to its tendency to ripen much later than most other varietals in France, it didn’t get a chance to shine until it was brought over to various New World estates. It is there that astounding single varietal Petit Verdot wines rose to prominence, and they remain a popular choice of red wines to this day, a position they most certainly deserve.

Upon pouring a glass, you are greeted by a unique and compelling aromatic mixture. Younger wines evoke images of ripe, plentiful banana trees and dark berries, with a piercing thread of pencil shavings sneaking into the mix. As the wines mature and come into their own a bit more, you will detect strong traces of leather and violet, even if they’re faint at first. The whole package commands respect through raw power, and quality bottles of Petit Verdot have this larger-than-life feel to them that can make them an excellent centerpiece of your collection – a wine that means business.

Petit Verdot sees a lot of use alongside other red wine grape varietals, often participating in blends with Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. There are many vintages to choose from.
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