Pomerol Wines

Pomerol is an area with a viticultural history that spans all the way to Roman times, even though their recognition as one of the most successful and important Bordeaux appellations happened quite recently. They’re completely dedicated to producing divine reds, wines that could easily fit in Dionysus’ personal cellar, standing proud among the finest bottles ever created. Interestingly, the region was originally known for producing delicious whites, but they have since completely altered their course.

The soil of this region boasts a healthy amount of diversity, with a primary composition of sand, clay and gravel. The closer you get to the border with Saint-Émilion, the more clay you encounter, whereas the southern and western areas are lighter, with more gravel presence. Merlot is the dominant varietal in Pomerol, which creates a stark contrast between their wines and those of the Medoc. The characteristic flavors include plum and prune, but depending on the estate and the soil they have to work with, you can notice delicious undertones of chocolate, raisins, peppermint and honeyed spice. Because of this, Pomerol reds are especially appealing to those with a bit of a sweet tooth.

As a well-established wine retailer, it is our goal to bring you closer to some of the finest wines this region has ever produced, so that your tastebuds may experience a whole new dimension of wine complexity and flavor. These wines can appease even the most demanding purists while bringing a unique and playful aromatic mixture to the table, ready to be shared with the people that make your life that much better.
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