Roussanne Wines

Roussanne is another excellent white wine varietal grown in the Rhône valley. It’s often used in blends alongside its sister grape, Marsanne – quite fitting, in a way, given how their names rhyme. It’s also a popular varietal in estates across Spain, Tuscany, California, Texas, Washington, and Australia, among other regions. It seems to draw its name from the French word roux, which is their name for the color russet – a mixture of red and brown.

The color of the Roussanne grape tells something about the flavors and aromas of its wines, with strong herbal tones and a presence of rich, syrupy honey or cream and ripe, tempting pear. Imagine a bountiful, aromatic feast, fit for champions. The rich, hearty meat complemented by a refreshing, crisp, herbal glass of delightful Roussanne – it’s enough to arouse anyone’s appetite. This perfect flavor combination requires a lot of dedication and experience to create, as the Roussanne is susceptible to oxidation, and the alcohol content can quickly throw the entire blend off-balance. Once it all comes together, however, the result is a pure, artistic expression of winemaking.

If you want to sample France’s finest, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Roussanne white from Chateau de Beaucastel. Every region has something to offer, so why not go on an adventure, exploring every juicy flavor associated with excellent Rousanne whites?
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