Saint Emilion Wines

Saint-Émilion is an appellation located on the right bank of the majestic Dordogne river, in the region of Bordeaux. The river simply surges with lifeforce, and it shows very clearly in the surrounding soil. You can practically smell the ocean in these wines, as the wind playfully rustles your hair and you stare into the horizon. The texture and flavors demand slow, thoughtful consumption, as your mind races to decode the infinite complexities of the nectar in your glass, and figure out how wine of this quality could ever have been produced by mortal hands.

The vineyards are planted to 60% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc and roughly 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. The soil composition can vary wildly between sub-areas and estate properties, which makes every chateau a story in itself. If you want a prime example of why terroir is considered so important among many wine enthusiasts, look no further than Saint-Émilion. Merlot is a grape varietal known for its ability to birth soft, lush wines that still retain a deep, rich taste and a potential to age gracefully. Flavors range from plums, licorice, decadent chocolate and cherries to tobacco, spice and tannin, depending on the winemaker’s style and preferences.

Any fan of red wines would feel at home in a place like Saint-Émilion. The diversity and quality of their finest wines is something out of a dream, as though the rivers of the region get directly transmuted into wine by a holy force. We’re here to help you discover your favorites among the bunch, with a selection of the finest Saint-Émilion wines available for purchase. Enjoy.
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