Saint Estephe Wines

Saint-Estèphe is a wine appellation in the Medoc subregion of Bordeaux. While Saint-Estèphe only has a handful of 1855 Classified growths, they are not to be underestimated. The terroir here catches the eyes from the start, a noble mixture of limestone, gravel, clay and stone. The elevation variety and the proximity to the river allows the winemakers to work their magic. The French worship the concept of terroir, claiming that every good wine tells a story of the soil that gave birth to it – and in this case, this is unmistakably true.

Saint-Estèphe wines are full-bodied, rich, powerful, and they command respect from even the harshest wine critic. The acidity and tannin let the wines stay distinct from other Medoc creations (likely due to the considerably higher clay content of the soil), and help the drink develop precious character over the years. Every estate adds something uniquely its own to the mixture, meaning that it’s impossible to feel like you’ve “seen it all” when you visit Saint-Estèphe. There’s something for each of us here, a bottle or two that flow with as much vigor as the Garonne herself and send us soaring amongst the cotton clouds towards the horizon.

Whether you want to collect or drink at the earliest possible opportunity, we have your needs covered. Come with us as we explore the many intricacies of fine Saint-Estèphe wines, and admire the dedication and skill it took to produce such fine nectar. Open a bottle with guests and they’ll be floored within minutes, we promise.
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