Semillon Wines

When the talented, dedicated, and respected winemakers of Bordeaux endorse a particular grape varietal, there can be no doubt that the specimen is extraordinary. At some point, Sémillon was considered the most widely planted white wine grape varietal in the world, with a dominant presence in Chile, South Africa, and Australia, among other places. While this is no longer true, Australia still holds Sémillon as a core part of their wine culture.

The grape is susceptible to noble rot and ripens early, often giving the resulting wines an incredibly sweet, dry baseline, with resounding notes of papaya or pear. Your palate is teased by a delicate flowery finish, creating a perfume that colors your mouth after drinking and lingers, like new love in the air. When picked slightly earlier, Sémillon blends carry a strong citrusy aroma, with a veritable tsunami of lime and grapefruit stimulating your senses. As with most quality whites, Sémillon is very refreshing, and it can be hard to stop at only one glass. Every bottle carries the spirit of its home country, and different bottles can offer a very different overall experience.

Sémillon is not particularly hard to grow, which tends to result in more consistent quality from year to year. We wholeheartedly recommend the 2003 vintage for your drinking pleasure, especially if this will be your first experience with the grape. If you’re a long-time fan of whites, Sémillon bottles are a must-have in your collection, especially if you have a sweet tooth.
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