Southern Rhone Wines

The Southern Rhône is a picturesque landscape almost taken from tales of fantasy. There are wildly diverse types of terroir in this part of the Rhône Valley, and this makes the region exciting and compelling to explore as you sample bottle by bottle of their amazing wine. The potential for thrilling and diverse flavor mixtures is huge, as every bottle fights for your attention, bringing an identity uniquely its own.

Sampling a Southern Rhône wine is like taking a plunge into a whirlpool of juicy flavor. Every sip explodes forward like a crashing tsunami, bathing your tastebuds in delicious aromas of prune, chocolate, grass, and black fruit. The wines are so compelling that it can be hard to drink them casually at a social event without getting lost in their intricate textures and emotional depths. Expect to lose your train of thought as the wine steals your attention and your heart with the greatest of ease.

No explorer leaves their home without some sort of map detailing the area they wish to traverse. As a well-established wine retailer, we’ve made it our goal to chart the course for you by isolating the finest wines the Southern Rhône has to offer. Let’s set sail together, and drink deep from these luxurious bottles with our friends and loved ones. These wines will be an instant hit at any party or date where they’re uncorked and will be a gleaming gem in your collection, one you can admire for years to come.

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