Tokaji Blend Wines

Tokaj, the region in northeastern Hungary, is legendary at this point as the birthplace of wines of immense quality. The rivers Tisza and Bodrog contribute to a rich, humid environment for the rise of noble rot in the grapes, creating a perfectly sugary and shriveled fruit, ready for picking. These wines simply explode with visceral, hard-hitting flavor, combining the aroma of many perfectly nurtured fruits.

A single sip of a Tokaji blend is enough to inspire dreams of old-timey European cottages and their homey charm, as your tastebuds are bathed in a flavor mixture that is as bold and colorful as it is inspiring. Depending on which specific product you select, you can expect sharp, acidic wine that keeps you refreshed and astonished during even the hottest summer sun, as it creates a symphony using resounding notes of sugary grape, bold ginger, zesty orange peel or subtle yet sharp saffron. Waking up in the morning with a scent and taste of this blend will make you crave a return to nature and a different time, without the burdens of modern life.

One of the most famous wines birthed by this region is the divine Essencia, originally bottled in 1993. The first bottle was given to Pope Benedict XVI, contributing to the revival of an ancient tradition. As its name implies, Essencia is made from the nectar that gathers on the bottom of a barrel as it gently flows out of the grapes, pushed down by their collective weight. This is what’s known as the “essence of the grape,” a precious fluid that is used for only the most prestigious products. A bottle of this lets you indulge in the tempting flavor of honey and apricot, undercut by the zesty acidity of the citrus.

You may also opt for Royal Tokaji’s Gold Label blend, composed of the finest offspring from each of their vineyards. A strong citrus blend, with grapefruit, spices, sweet and succulent peach, and apricot, all create a sensational perfume and aroma that sticks in your mind and mouth long after the tasting. We heartily recommend the 2007 variety.
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