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Campania Wines

Campania Wines

Campania Wines

"You simply can’t leave Italy without devoting enough time to each one of the spectacular wine regions where you can find some of the most sensational wines you’ve ever tasted. It may not be the most popular one, but the region of Campania is the home to certain wines you shouldn’t let slide. This “happy land” has one of the longest histories of winemaking in Italy. It’s also quite unique, given that some of the grape varieties that grow in Campania are very hard to find anywhere else. We can easily say this region is nothing short of legendary - it has even kept the influences of ancient Greeks and Romans.

The wide array of grape varieties contributes to the diversity characteristic of Campania. Aglianico is unquestionably one of the most popular varieties, used to make wonderful red wine with high acidity and enjoyable berry flavors. White wines don’t fall behind - Fiano is an exquisite variety with touches of pineapple and honey. Other than these grapes, which probably sound familiar to many wine lovers, there are lots of lesser-known varieties that also make captivating wines. Aglianico del Taburno and Greco di Tufo are just some of the names you need to see on the label while pouring yourself a glass of some of the finest Campanian wines. "
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2016 cantine lonardo taurasi coste Italy Red

The 2016 Taurasi Coste is a showstopper, leading off with a dramatic mix of crushed blueberries and black cherries complemented by sweet exotic spices and shaved cedar. It’s seamlessly silky and plush, with a bolt of jolting acidity that motivates its tart wild berry fruits. Minty herbal tones mix with dark, dark chocolate toward the close. While structured and certainly in need of cellaring, the 2016 Coste maintains a wonderfully fresh persona as black currant and tobacco notes fade. From start to finish, this is a gorgeous young Taurasi, which may even deserve a higher score over time.Vinous Media | 95+ VM

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