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Corton Wines

Corton Wines

Corton Wines

Corton Red and White Wines

The hilly countryside of the Corton appellation can inspire awe and adoration on first sight. “What a magical land,” you might exclaim, exploring the lush green slopes and valleys of this region. From a viticultural perspective, Corton has a lot to offer to a wine hunter such as yourself, as it boasts a variety of terroir compositions, which gives each wine a unique identity and feel, making them a joy to collect and sample. As Côte de Beaune’s largest Grand Cru property appellation for red wine, Corton’s wine production has a 95% representation of strong, noble Pinot Noir.

The texture and flavor of Corton’s reds is something to behold, as the terroir sings to your palate using notes of fresh forest berries, aromatic violets, leather, and a bassy earthen undertone. Different sub-regions will add their own flair, of course, and you can expect wines from two neighbors to differ somewhat strongly. Exploring this region’s produce is an exciting endeavor, as they demonstrate the full potential of uniquely French viticulture. You’ll never get tired, trust us.

Naturally, you may want to store these marvelous wines in your cellar or save them for special occasions and big get-togethers. Luckily, they age exceptionally well and develop character as they sit in storage, only to immediately steal the show once they’re uncorked. Expect your guests to start asking a lot more wine-related questions after they experience some of Corton’s finest bottles. An essential part of any red wine lover’s collection, for sure.
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