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Cote de Beaune Wines

Cote de Beaune Wines

Cote de Beaune

The town of Beaune lives and breathes wine, and its district produces some of the finest, most luxurious and expensive whites on the planet. Their reds are made using the healthiest, most delicious Pinot Noir of the entire continent, and the white wines are a pure, opulent expression of Chardonnay’s massive potential. The slopes of the Côte d'Or can only be the work of Dionysus himself, as their terroir, south-facing profile and protection from harsh western winds create the perfect environment to cultivate every important grape of the region. This area is a prime example of what makes Burgundy so special in the context of French viticulture, and it’s no surprise that Burgundy as a whole competes with even Bordeaux for prestige on the global wine market.

Drinking from these fine bottles is an enlightening spiritual experience, where your emotions soar to their peak intensity, and you’re left fulfilled and inspired towards new conquests. From the commanding, earthy oak foundation to flavors like buttery toast, red fruit, and an intense, intoxicating floral arrangement, the taste of excellent Côte de Beaune is not something you forget as long as you live. There’s a feeling of homey countryside charm to these wines, as though you’re waking up to the sound of singing children in the fields, as an avian orchestra soothes the local farm animals.

We’ve arranged a selection of top-quality Côte de Beaune bottles to please every kind of wine enthusiast. Whether you want to collect them or drink them is up to you, and these wines won’t disappoint in either context, as they make an excellent addition to any collection.

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