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Petrus Wines

Chateau Petrus – The Most Expensive Wine in all Bordeaux
The Most Expensive Wine in all Bordeaux

Now known as the most expensive wine in all Bordeaux, Pétrus once had a very humble beginning. When compared to the top Bordeaux wines in the Medoc, Château Pétrus was relatively new, with first references going back to the mid-18th century. However, Pétrus remains one of the earliest established vineyards in Pomerol. Apart from the famous Petrus wine, Pomerol is also the home of two other most expensive vin de pays in all of Bordeaux - Lafleur and Le Pin. When it comes to Pétrus vineyards, the 11.5-hectare vineyard is planted to almost 100% Merlot. If another type of grape is included, plantings are 5% Cabernet Franc. What makes this wine so special is the 40 million years old blue clay that doesn’t exist in any other wine producing region in the world. The clay of Pétrus produces grapes with the highest level of tannins in the entire Pomerol region, that are, at the same time, among the softest in texture. The style of Pétrus is above all, aromatically complex. The vin de pays is nearly a pure Merlot filled with spice, coffee, cinnamon, dark chocolate, plums, cherries, truffles, earth, and fresh flowers. Its soft and velvety tannins give the wine richness and viscosity, as well as silk and smooth feel that no other Bordeaux can offer. In order to develop such rich and full-bodied taste, Pétrus requires a lot of time to develop. The best Pétrus vintages demand 20 to 30 years of aging to fully mature and display their true essence. You only need to taste Petrus once to understand why wealthy wine lovers and connoisseurs pay thousands of dollars for a single bottle.

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