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Piedmont Wines

Piedmont Wines

Piedmont Wines

Piedmont Wines

As one of Italy’s most reputable and revered wine regions, Piedmont enjoys a lot of well-deserved praise and attention. The region’s placement in the Alpine foothills creates a unique microclimate, where winters are noticeably colder, and the summers are close to what you’d experience in Burgundy. As you might imagine, this environment allows for a lot of versatility and diversity when it comes to wine flavors and styles. For a wine lover, exploring Piedmont feels like they’re a child again, exploring a vast, colorful candy store; you just don’t know where to start!

The diverse soil composition of Piedmont allows many popular grape varietals to thrive, including Nebbiolo, Barbera, Moscato, and Dolcetto. Depending on who you buy from, you can expect to experience many different aromatics and flavor traces, including dried herbs, rose petals, juicy and plump cherries, star anise, minerals, and many more. It’s this mind-boggling versatility that compels the curious, this promise of semi-familiar yet intriguing pleasures, and wines that stimulate the mind as much as they caress the palate.

Food is a crucial part of Italy’s cultural identity, and connoisseurs of good food often find themselves falling in love with the wine that accompanies it. Piedmont is approachable enough to help you create magical feasts and meals, and what better way to enjoy them than by sharing with the people closest to your heart. Whether you’re a decorated wine veteran or a newbie, this region has so, so much to offer you. The longevity of Piedmont wines is impressive enough to last a decade or two and develop even more compelling subtleties and nuances. How can you resist?

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2017 Elio Sandri Barolo Perno Riserva

The 2017 Barolo Riserva Perno is a real stunner. Deep, pliant and super-expressive, the 2017 boasts gorgeous inner sweetness and depth to lay off its huge, imposing tannins. The ripeness and overall intensity of the year comes through in the wine’s captivating aromatics and pliant, layered mid-palate. Even so, the 2017 has a boatload of tannin and tons of searing structural intensity to assimilate. I would not dream of touching a bottle anytime soon.Vinous Media | 96 VM

As low as $105.00
2018 Elio Sandri Barolo Perno

The 2018 Barolo Perno is a wild, exotic wine. The bouquet alone is captivating. Leather, orange peel, sage, mint, dried flowers and mulling spices all soar out of the glass. Deceptive in its mid-weight structure, the 2018 packs a serious punch. Sinewy tannins play off a core of inner sweetness and bright saline notes. This heady, racy Barolo is an exotic beauty. The volatile acidity is on the higher side, but it works within the context of this very old-school style.Vinous Media | 94 VM

As low as $84.95

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