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Red Bordeaux Blend Wines

Red Bordeaux Blend Wines

Red Bordeaux Blend Wines

Ah, Bordeaux. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that it is considered by many to be the wine capital of the world. From the 1855 Bordeaux Classification to the seemingly countless wine estates that have or would have earned their position in it, this city and the region surrounding it are a must-visit location for every passionate wine enthusiast. The standards of wine quality were defined here, so it is only logical that some of the best wines ever produced took their roots in this sacred soil.

Red Bordeaux wines are typically made of a delicate, precise grape blend. Some of the most impactful and influential grape varietals include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Petit Verdot. Blends composed of these lovely grapes have a powerful, compelling structure and a gripping, deep, thick flavor (usually with notes of plums or blackcurrant) that intrigues the mind just as much as it stimulates your senses. These wines are as nuanced as you could possibly ask for, with new subtle notes and thoughts you can pick up on with each subsequent glass. The deeper you drink, the more enlightening it is, and every true wine lover can attest to the spiritual experience that comes with one of these blends.

The wine estates of Bordeaux earn their spot on the top through almost inhuman dedication. A huge part of what makes their wines so consistent in quality is a refusal to follow the industrial, sacrilegious food processing trends we see everywhere around us. They allow the wines to express themselves using their own unique voice, and a tasting feels like a conversation as a result.

The sheer number of respectable estates and brands to recommend is staggering. For example, if you can get your hands on a bottle of 1989 Haut-Brion, what you will end up holding is an artifact, a pure expression of raw winemaking prowess. Every year is at least a solid year for a wine from Chateau Latour, and there are many, many more. If you can spare the time, visit Bordeaux one day, and immerse yourself in the world of masterful traditional winemaking.
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