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Refreshing Whites

When one stumbles across a truly wonderful white wine, there can be no doubt as to what they are experiencing. With a low alcohol content, white wines can quickly grow from a glass to a tidal wave of flavor, and a single tasting can bring a tear (or several) to your eye, as your tastebuds start begging for more servings. A quality blend can become the playful, refreshing breeze when the warm seasons roll around, and you will find that these wines go perfectly well with every type of food when the time is right. The acidity of a white wine snatches away your attention as soon as you take a single sip, and the dryness composes a cliffhanger that could rival the finest cinematic works, as you keep reaching for more. Every person in the world can find a white wine that suits their taste, and the quest for the perfect elixir is just as satisfying as a crisp glass or two while observing the sunset with your friends and loved ones. The production process of white wine differs in many subtle ways from that of red wine. For example, the grapes, while nurtured with the same level of precise care and passion as they normally would be, are rarely allowed to ripen fully. Due to this decision, the resulting wines have a lower sugar content and are naturally more acidic than most of their red counterparts, and are served much younger on average. This creates a consistent tone among quality white wines that can be identified by anyone with a delicate, developed taste, and this tone helps make each masterful blend stand out as they all play with the established conventions in their own way, making every tasting an adventure. Allow us to guide you through some of the finest white wines in the world, and introduce you to a world of flavor and texture, unlike that of anything you’ve experienced before.

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