Gewurztraminer Wines

My, my, what a beautiful specimen. Just looking at a healthy growth of Gewürztraminer grapes is enough to make your mouth water, and the wines are even more appetizing. Despite typically preferring cooler climates, this grape is grown in a wide variety of regions, including (but not limited to) Argentina, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Chile, and Turkey. While its name may lead you to believe that this grape was created in Germany, it actually draws roots from Alsace in France.

Comparisons have been drawn in the past between Gewürztraminer wines and Moscato blends. However, Gewürztraminer wines tend to demand a slower drinking process, thanks to their lower acidity and higher alcohol content, along with stronger, bigger flavors. The slower you go, the more you can get to know each note in this orchestral masterpiece. From the initial waft of sweet, sensuous rose or lychee, to the sudden impact of juicy grapefruit and pineapple, to the thick, oozing honey and sharp cinnamon, a wine like this is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Because of this flavor variety, we recommend sampling as many proven bottles as you can wrap your lips around. A bottle from Alsace can make anyone develop a taste in glorious white wine, but don’t overlook other regions. Gewürztraminer wines can compete with the heaviest hitters in the world of opulent whites, and are a must-have for seasoned aficionados and freshly hooked enthusiasts alike. Serve them fridge cold for the most refreshing experience, and enjoy a warm afternoon with your friends and family.
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